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Is Zero dB safe?

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Due to Zero dB’s unique formula containing several different cannabinoids, the individual cannabinoids in our full-spectrum extracts are able to be at much lower dosages than typical CBD-infused products.

How does Zero dB help filter out everyday stressors?

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Zero dB uses a formulation of plant extracts – based on decades of scientific research – that contain cannabis-free cannabinoids. This formulation has been observed, in living tissue, to deliver the suggested benefits of CBD, while mitigating the potential risks associated with regular use of the cannabinoid CBD. Learn more.

What are cannabinoids?

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Within a variety of plants are chemicals called cannabinoids, which are similar to molecules produced in the human body, known as endocannabinoids. It is understood in science that a wide network of receptors in the human brain respond to the plant and human versions of these molecules. It is also understood that the body’s endocannabinoid system is involved in regulating pain, mood, appetite, stress, sleep, and memory.

While cannabis is a source for cannabinoid ingredients, there are many other plant-based sources for cannabinoid ingredients.

What are the ingredients?

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For a full list of ingredients for Zero dB Original click here.

For a full list of ingredients for Zero dB +energy click here.

Is Zero dB a cannabis product?

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Absolutely not. Zero dB does contain cannabinoids, but they are sourced from common plants that are already added to supplements, foods and beverage products in Canada and the U.S.

Where can I buy Zero dB?

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Zero dB is currently only available online. We are working with a number of distributors in the US and Canada to make it readily available in major retailers, convenience stores, and maybe even in your office in the near future.

Can I drive after drinking Zero dB?

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There are no compounds in Zero dB that are intoxicating. There is no reason to believe that Zero dB would affect operating a vehicle.


I want to edit the items in my order. How do I do that?

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Please contact with your order number and the changes you'd like to make.

Although we cannot guarantee that we'll catch your order before it enters the packing process, we will try our absolute best to make the requested changes. Kindly note that once an order has been transmitted or shipped, we no longer have the ability to make any changes to it.

I want to change my shipping address. Can I do that?

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Yes you can! Send an email to with your order number and correct address within an hour of purchase during business hours and we’ll fix it. We can only make changes to an order before the packing process.

Where is my order? Why hasn't my package arrived yet?

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Your order could be in a couple of places... our warehouse, awaiting pickup, being packed on the line, with the courier on its way, or delivered. The first thing to check is if you have received your tracking email. If yes, then it's on its way! Please check this tracking number to see where your package is located. If you cannot find this information, please contact for extra help. 

When will my order ship?

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If your order is received during early business hours, they will be processed by the end of that same day. In most cases we expect your order to be out the door by the next business day.

How long does delivery take?

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Shipping times vary. Once we ship out your order, you’ll receive an email with your order details: shipping confirmation, tracking number, etc. which you can use to follow your order.

Do you ship outside the US or Canada?

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We are currently only shipping to the US and Canada. We will be available worldwide in the near future – stay tuned!

How can I track my order?

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You will receive a tracking information link in an email with your order details. 

Do you do returns and refunds?

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Yes we do. If you would like to return your item(s) and request a refund, please email and we will connect you with someone immediately!

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