Quiet the Noise


Quiet the Noise.

When the world around you gets loud, you’ve got endless ways to deal with it. Close your door. Find a quiet place. Reach for Noise Canceling headphones.

But, when the “noise” is in your brain, it’s not so easy to escape.

Powered by our proprietary plant extract blend, Zero dB is designed to help filter out everyday stressors and quiet mental noise.

Tune out distractions. Think clearly. Focus.

Make the Most of every Occasion.

Write that speech that leaves them speechless. Launch a start-up that you’ve been designing in your mind for years. Come up with something only a focused mind could create.

Because when your mind is focused, there’s no end to what you can achieve.

By helping you quiet mental noise, Zero dB can free you from the racing-mind that normally disrupts your ability to focus, delivering a moment of heightened clarity – yours to make the most of.


Quiet can be Powerful

Sometimes, a quiet mind needs an extra nudge.

Like when you need to pull a productive all-nighter. Or deliver that perfect pitch. Or just take your golf game to the next level. For occasions like these, you need more than a quiet mind - you need a boost.

With its vitalizing extracts, Zero dB +energy helps provide an extra nudge to be at your best, both focused AND energized.

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