The Pot of Gold is a Fiction

I’ve never been in a boxing match. I haven’t experienced the butterflies before hand-to-hand combat. I have however ...

5 Ways to Quiet The Noise in 2022

Today's blog is a little longer than usual but it’s key to start 2022 on the right foot! These five habits or routin...

How Do We Make 'Better' Choices?

"I wish I hadn’t." "I should have." "Why was I so stupid?" When we wrestle with regrets these are the questions that...

How Zeno's Paradox and Empathy are Related

Welcome to another Quiet the Noise Blog. Let's get into it!   Conflict is a major source of noise in our lives. Our ...

A House of Cards?

Why isn’t thinking positively a lasting remedy for unhappiness? Can you ‘reason’ yourself into ‘feeling’ differently...

Is it Time for a Change?

If not now, when?   What are you giving up by delaying something you’ve been mulling over for months or years? What ...

Self-awareness Vs. Self-help

The backlash against self-help is lock-step with the influx of advice from experts. I somehow exclude myself from th...

Thoughts Are Things?

Quiet The Noise Blog #7

What Do I Deserve?

Quiet The Noise Blog #6

I Think, Therefore I Am.

Quiet The Noise Blog #5

Noticing Patterns.

Quiet The Noise Blog #4.

ReddyYeti Spotlight | Zero dB

Reddy Yeti reviews Zero dB beverages.
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